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Epson Expression 11000XL- Graphic Arts Scanner
Epson 11000XL - Graphic Arts driver Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista/Mac is available for free Download at this page, In General, most people Install Recommended driver because it contains a package of files that are in need. However, it can choose to suit your needs. Make sure that Epson 11000XL - Graphic Arts Support your model and download the drivers or software for Epson 11000XL - Graphic Arts that is suitable for your system.

Driver Windows :

Download 20.03Mb ↔ [Recommended] Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.497 (Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10) - 32bit, 64bit

Download 16.5Mb ↔ Epson Event Manager v3.10.88 (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10) - 32bit, 64bit

Driver Mac / Macintosh :

Download 29.93Mb ↔ [Recommended] Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.4.9.10 (Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.11/10.12/10.13)

Download 15.1Mb ↔ ICA Scanner Driver v5.8.7 for Image Capture (Mac OS X 10.6 - macOS 10.13)

Download 1.43Mb ↔ Uninstaller v1.2.9 (Mac OS X 10.5 - macOS 10.13)

Download 1.56Mb ↔ ICC Profiles - Adobe Profiles v1.3.1 (Mac OS X 10.2 - macOS 10.13)

Installation instructions:

Download 11000XL - Graphic Arts driver / software the above file make sure that is right for your system. (Note: If the files be ZIP format, you need to extract the files to install)
  1. For Mac Double-click the downloaded file format dmg to create a disk image on your Mac desktop. Open the disk image. Double-click the installer icon to begin the installation.
  2. For windows, download the file, double-click on the downloaded file format exe. Select to install, follow the instructions given.
Hope we can help, please contact us or comment on this page if it finds the broken link (so we can also renew fast), we are also ready to help for troubleshooting 11000XL - Graphic Arts printer driver software.

Epson 11000XL - Graphic Arts Driver download and Review

In June 2013 Epson launched with the Expression 11000 XL a successor for the long time proven Epson Expression 10000 XL on the marketplace. It is a big style scannner, which can digitize originals approximately a size of DIN A3 (approx. 40x30 cm). With the optionally available transparency device movies (positives or downsides) can be checked additionally approximately that dimension. Epson supplies the Expression 11000 XL with the transparency unit as a package named Expression 11000 XL Pro.

When an Expression 10000 XL ends up being an Expression 11000 XL, one anticipates a large development, i.e. a brand-new model with much better top qualities, brand-new features as well as far better tools. Nevertheless, that's not the instance, on the contrary: The Epson Expression 11000 XL is virtually identical to the Expression 10000 XL; from the external appearance you could not acknowledge any type of distinctions and the efficiency data are equal. At the Expression 11000 XL only a couple of indoor components were changed in order to represent the latest standards and also atmosphere demands.

Throughout that modification Epson has actually omitted the network interface as well as the connectability of the automatic paper feeder at the Expression 11000 XL. Furthermore the Expression 10000 XL could be linked to the PC both by means of USB and also by means of firewire user interface. At the Expression 11000 XL there is only the USB user interface. So with the Expression 11000 XL one obtains much less thatn with the Expression 10000 XL.

Equipment, accessories and efficiency information of the scanner
The Epson Expression 11000 XL is delivered in a big cardboard. This has other than the scanner whatever you need in order to start scanning records quickly: Connection cable television, power cable, software program and also an installment guidebook in 7 languages. At the Epson Expression 11000 XL Pro there is also the transparency system included in a different cardboard to ensure that you could digitize negatives as well as slides.

With a size of 65,6 x 45,8 x 18,5 cm as well as a weight of greater than 15 kg the device needs a great deal of room on a stable workdesk. In the contrary to most other flatbed scanners this scanner is established in the landscape format, so the lid is not beeing opened at the little side of the scanner however on the lengthy side. This construction offers extra stability particularly with the heavy transparency unit compared to the common portrait format positioning.

For reflective scans the full glass location of 31 x 43,7 cm is available. For scanning film product there is the optional openness system which can be put on the scanner instead the typical lid. This transparency unit provides an openness location of 30,9 x 42 cm, so that you can digitze films as much as A3 style.

In the shipment web content of the openness system which is outfitted with two lights there are film owners for the most normal film formats. For the 35mm layout there is a film owner for as much as 15 mounted slides and there is a film owner for as much as 4 film strips, each with maximum 6 pictures. For scanning medium formatfilms there is a movie holder for 3 roll film strips approximately a size of 17,2 centimeters. As well as lastly, the movie owner for big style movies could take 4 flat movies of 4x5". All other movie styles have to be placed straight on the glass surface area of the scanner in order to be refined.

The openness support - a sort of ruler which is dealt with at the edge of the scan location - ensures for movie scans that a fix slim red stripe beside the scan location remains devoid of the originals. This strip is required for the measurement of the transparency light before the scan. In the range of the distribution of the openness unit there is a lid which can be repaired before the light area to make sure that one has a white history when scanning records.

The Expression 11000XL is attached to the computer system via USB 2.0 interface; a USB cable is consisted of in the extent of shipment of the scanner. The predecessor additionally could be connected through IEEE 1394 firewire user interface. The firewire interface has been omitted at the Expression 11000 XL compared with the predecessor.

The scanner has an optimum thickness of 3,8 and also an optical resolution of 2400ppi. This is sufficient for document scans, and huge movies can be scanned with this resolution. However, the important things is different at tiny film layouts: A 35mm slide scan can be bigger only up to 30x30 cm without high quality loss. Which efficient resolution the Expression 11000 XL achieves in practice, we will certainly see in the phase photo top quality.

A special feature of this scanner is the car focus. In the in contrast to most various other flatbed scanners there is no solution focus degree on the glass plate. If you check placed slides with thick frameworks you could focus exactly to the movie degree anyway to make sure that you always get optimum sharpness. A scanner without flexible focus would certainly generate unsharp scans in such a scenario.

However this scanner is not furnished with an equipment based dirt and also scratch improvement procedure like ICE, to make sure that both reflective scans and also transmissive scans have to be postprocessed after that in the picture editing software application. It is a pity that a scanner in this price area does not have this comfortable feature included.

For the profiling of the scanner with the optional check software SilverFast Ai there are reflective as well as transmissive targets from Lasersoft Imaging readily available. With these you can adjust the scanner just as well as easily. More info regarding scanner calibration you could find on our detailed site about IT-8 colour calibration.

The installation of the Epson Expression 11000 XL is fairly simple: First you install the software - here you have the option between the producer's software application EPSON-Scan and also the superb SilverFast Ai check software program from Lasersoft Imaging. Throughout the installation of these two programs you simply have to follow the guidelines at the display and afterwards the software program is ready for use.

Currently you just hav eto link the scanner to the electrical circuit as well as by means of USB 2.0 to the computer system. The Expression 11000 XL has a creative transport lock: Before the power user interface there is a slider which is pressed upwards automatically when connecting the power cable hence unlocking the transport lock. This way it is protected against that you neglect unlocking that lock as well as the scanner obtains harmed when beeing switched on.
At the openness system the transport lock needs to be utilized by hand. Here a noticeable yellow sticker label makes certain that you do not forget it. For that reason you have to twist a skrew with a coin or something similar by 90 ° counter clockwise. The transparency unit is put on the scanner like the basic cover just with steady bolts at the hinges. Then you connect both parts using a serial interace at the alternatives connectionl. If you switch on the scanner now it will certainly be identified instantly and you can start scanning.
The scanner is a big thing on your desk. If you have a typical COMPUTER with screen and keyboard beside it, the PC seems to be really little compared to the Epson scanner. So you don't put that scanner somewhere on your workdesk furthermore, a lot more you need a separate working workdesk in order to function finde with that said scanner.

The EPSON Scan software program offers 3 operation modes. The typical mode is configured for a as basic as feasible handling. Right here you have just restricted setup possibilities so that you can not make wrong a great deal. The office setting is, as the name already claims, created utilisation of the scanner in an office. In the professional mode you have the complete control over all available specifications. Below you ought to recognize just what you do. Nonetheless, that does not indicate, that the program is difficult to make use of in this mode. Everybode that understands the basics of scanning quadrates that setting extremely quickly.

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